Learn How To Plan, Improve Your Skills


Course Objectives

Help Teams to deliver top level events every time.

These training course materials aim to provide participants with the tools they need to ensure the key requirements of successful events are covered.

  • Develop and manage events from initial idea to evaluation.
  • Identify requirements, select the right tools, people and resources
  • Effectively plan, schedule, budget and manage the event process.
  • Develop a strategy to market an event.
  • Manage risks to mitigate and avoid potential problems with events.

Ultimately, these training course materials will help Staffs to effectively create, manage and organize events according clients’ strategy and ensuring they run smoothly and successfully.

Courses Audiences

The courses are open to everyone but more specifically for people who:

  • need to quickly acquire skills and knowledge in event management due to their expanded work role;
  • are looking to develop careers in event management, but currently lack the skills, knowledge or confidence to do so;
  • You are currently working as an event coordinator or event manager and want to make sure you and your teams are using industry best practices.

What makes our courses unique?

  • They are delivered by a first professional and 30+ years experienced in events and creative industries and this on all sides of creative, production, entrepreneurship, business development.
  • The reality of on site professional is the main base of the courses developed to share real experience and give to the students a lot of tools, tricks, advises, answers to concrete problems to become a problems solver, solutions finder and so ensure to the right decision making.
  • A so rich experience to share thanks thousands of various international projects on 3 continents (France, Canada, USA, China, Vietnam, etc.) and in many different fields as Corporate Events, trade-fairs, Sound-Lights Shows, architectural, high-tech., Museum exhibitions, historical, concerts, etc.
  • Think out of the box, thanks to a unique approach, students will work on concepts and new competences they never use to hear about which will give new visions and perspectives for their future winning projects.
  • Because of a rare multi-disciplinary career, all the fields of an event are concretely developed, from the briefing with the client to the ideation, from the presentation to reach clients’ expectation, from budget to technical management, to site management to after event debriefing.


  • Skills evaluation
  • 4 hours videos
  • Complete exercises
  • 10 pro-resources
  • Documents templates
  • 2 hours group coaching
  • 60mns online Q&A
  • End of training certificate

The Program

  • What is an event
  • Why holding an event
  • The different types of event
  • Public & cultural events
  • Main types of corporate events
  • Plus more
  • It’s a lot of work? much more!
  • Do you have what it takes?
  • Why client should hire an event manager
  • Plus more
  • Analyze
  • The 5W rule
  • Be SMART
  • Plus More
  • Client, how to write and event brief (RFP)
  • Event Manager, help you client for his RFP
  • The question of budgets
  • How to get this info
  • Does this event is for you?
  • Plus more
  • What make your Client to hire you
  • How to develop your style
  • Focus on your Personality
  • Be Innonvative! Think out of the box
  • Understand your client
  • Understand the needs and fix the objectives
  • Define the profile of audiences
  • Few essentials
  • much more
  • The Creation phase
  • First, imagine a Strong concept
  • How to organize a brainstorm meeting
  • Points to brainstorm on
  • Much More
  • Give the details to the client
  • Anticipate the objections
  • Add some of you, make the difference
  • Bid on the lower price
  • Before Writing, few more advices
  • The Power of the images
  • The Content, what to include in
  • When you want to pitch at you best
  • How to make innovative presentations
  • much more
  • Understanding Creativity and Innovation
  • Creativity and Innovation in Business
  • Individual and Group Techniques for Creativity
  • Encouraging Creativity in a Team
  • Plus more
  • Defining, Evaluating and Managing Teams
  • The Stages of Team Development
  • Plus More
  • Importance of Effective Communication
  • Developing A Communication Strategy
  • Communication of Service Quality to the Internal Customer
  • Training Material
  • Plus more
  • Prioritising your Time
  • Changing Our Perspective
  • Setting Goals with SPIRIT
  • Setting Up a Routine
  • Organizing a Successful and Safe Event
  • Health and Safety Permits
  • Consultation Register
  • Selection of the Venue
  • Event Promoting and Ticketing
  • Information Centre Communication
  • First Aid and Medical Services
  • Event Management Plan
  • Plus more
  • The Event Planning Process
  • Planning and Executing
  • Possible Scheduled Activities:
  • Important Factors to Consider in Creating a Site Plan:
  • Site/Venue Layout and Design
  • Checklist for Selecting and Managing Performers
  • Negotiating and Contracting Performers
  • Plus more
  • Evaluating Events
  • Why should Monitoring and Evaluation be done?
  • Event Surveys
  • Types of Survey
  • Plus More

Your Tutor & Coach

Thierry TOMBELLEEvent Specialist - Creative Guide - Entrepreneur

He is founder of Creativ’ International and active in business dedicated to products and services for creative industries.
After 25+ years in creative industries, 5.000++ small and large events, shows and design projects for major international Brands, Thierry Tombelle is now involved in sharing and teaching his skills and offer training, coaching workshops to help other to improve their knowledge, competences and give them the keys to success.

“What highly motivate me is to develop universes in which everyone can find the emotions they want. Never mind the purpose of the events and the type of location, I like to work to create visual and sensitive environments… “
“We always forget than, above all, you have to have something to say. From there, you can tell a great story. It’s only if the idea is strong that you can touch the spectator. The memory is feed through emotions… “


Our wide range of training and coaching are adapted to any needs and in constant evolution to be permanently updated.

Don’t wait for a major update of your skills, improve your team’s performance or get the essential tools to startup your own event business.