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Introduction to event Industry and management and what it takes to work in it.

These training workshop aim to introduce participants to the events industry, what does it takes to be a good event professional and to help them to understand the realities of this market and the challenges for Vietnam in an International context.

The key elements :

  • Introduction
  • What is an event?
  • Why to hold an Event?
  • The different categories of Events
  • Realities about of the market
  • The jobs in event industry
  • What is to be Event Manger?
  • The future of the Events

Ultimately, these Seminar will help participants to have a clear vision of the industry, the market and the jobs, to understand the challenges and so, to make their decision to jump in.


The seminar is for everyone curious to know more about event and entertainment industries and more specifically for those:

  • Who are interested to know more about in event management as an add-on to their actual work role;
  • Who are looking to develop careers in event management, and want to know more the reality of this industry;
  • Students seeking for exciting career in a creative industry.

What makes our training and workshops unique?

  • They are delivered by a first professional and 25+ years experienced in events and creative industries on all sides of creative, production, entrepreneurship, business development.
  • The reality of on site professional is the main base of the courses developed to share real experience and give to the students a clear and realistic picture, advises, answers to what to expect in working in event industry
  • A rich experience to share thanks thousands of various international projects on 3 continents (France, Canada, USA, China, Vietnam, etc.) and in many different fields as Corporate Events, trade-fairs, Sound-Lights Shows, architectural, high-tech., Museum exhibitions, historical, concerts, etc.
  • Because of a rare multi-disciplinary career, all the fields and the jobs realities are exposed and explained from conception to feasibility, from management to technical, from creation to realization.


  • Presentation
  • Videos
  • Interactive activities
  • Special Guests
  • Questions-Answers Period

The Program

The purpose of the Seminar and Introduction about the Speaker

  • Objectives
  • About the Speaker

Introduction, definition and generalities about the notion of “Events”.

Event is made to mark an important moment.

  • Discovering of the different goals of holding an event and examples.
  • Integration of Events in corporates/public Strategies

Presentation and examples of the different main categories of events

  • Private Events
  • Public and Cultural Events
  • Concert and Festivals
  • Sports Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Promotion and activation
The main scope of works and professions to make events happen

  • A matter of specialization
  • Introduction to jobs in event
  • How to find your field?

What no else will tell you about the reality of this industry.

  • It’s Glamour… seriously?
  • It’s a lot of Fun… really?
  • It’s an easy job… Think so?
  • Anyone can do it… Try it!

What is to be Event Manger?

  • A lot of work and even more…
  • Do you have what it takes?
  • Conditions of work, status, salary, reality in Vietnam
  • Perspectives of careers, who hire
  • The Pros / The Cons
  • Basic view of process and steps of event management and operation in Vietnam.
  • Short comparison with Western.

If the actual Pandemic make the short quite incertain, some trends begin to appear.

  • After Covid challenges
  • Virtual-vs-Live-vs-Hybrid
  • The new Technologies
  • Emotion and experientials
  • Major event: the 40 years anniversary of Reunification of Vietnam
  • Mekong Energy 10 years
  • Small budget:Chill Skybar, Various Event.

A period of question for Participants for complementary informations

  • Based on the guests
  • Based on the host information to deliver.

Your Tutor & Coach

Thierry TOMBELLEEvent Specialist - Creative Guide - Entrepreneur

He is founder of Creativ’ International and active in business dedicated to products and services for creative industries.
After 25+ years in creative industries, participation to 5.000++ small and large events, shows and design projects for various clients and major international Brands, Thierry Tombelle is now involved in sharing his skills and so offer training, coaching workshops to help others to improve their knowledge, competences and give them the keys to success.

“What highly motivate me is to develop universes in which everyone can find the emotions they want. Never mind the purpose of the events and the type of location, I like to work to create visual and sensitive environments… “
“We always forget than, above all, you have to have something to say. From there, you can tell a great story. It’s only if the idea is strong that you can touch the spectator. The memory is feed through emotions… “


Our wide range of training and coaching are adapted to any needs and in constant evolution to be permanently updated.

Don’t wait for a major update of your skills, improve your team’s performance or get the essential tools to startup your own event business.