We gather here few of unique top brands offering very rare products, equipment and soluions for Glamping, luxe Tenting and entertainment equipment.

Our purpose is the no-construction to make easy to install, store and move and reduce the foot print and theb impact on the environment.
We hope you will find great ideas and solutions for your projects



Collaborating all these years with recongnized experts and professionals for majors and high-end projects deliveries in a variety of fields, made us very demanding with no concession to quality.

  • Promote innovations in our industries and markets

  • Make Creativity and Innovation accessible and easy.
  • Base our success on values of respect, honesty, and passion


We are “Solutions Providers”!
We believe that any problem has solutions if coming up with original, innovative and measurable ideas.

Then, we are able to turn any solution into feasibility. This motivate us to be more creative, highly professional and to do more with less.

Because our clients are our best ambassadors, they deserve to be served at our best. We work hard to convince them to trust us, we work daily to build it for good.

We cannot succeed alone. The achievement of any project is always a collaboration. Our Partners and suppliers are the best support of our development. Respect and Consideration are the only way to get the best.

We beleive in human. Motivation, Honesty, Accomplishment, Pride, these words have a true and real meaning for us. We beleive that success come with hard work, passion and team spirit.

We can become whoever we wish if we work for it. Because common work and success of the Team is the best warranty of the company’s success, we beleive it our duty to offer the best opportunity for all our collaborators.

It is up to all and everyone to do what they can to change the wrong habits taken to reverse the general waste curve that now chokes and endangers us. We put our creativity to fulfill this mission.


Based in central SE-Asia (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) since 2010 and Canada-Montreal since 2011, Creativ’ International is now represented in 4 continents and is moving forward. Multi-skilled and experienced, with a great sense of adaptation, Creativ’ International had participated to thousands local and international projects for major clients in many different countires France, Canada, U.S., China, Vietnam, etc.)