Looking for co-founders and partners to develop existing start-up projects.

The Pandemic might have change the professional situation for some. Maybe it’s time for change!

First consultancy services in event industry, Creativ’ international started few months ago to rethink its services in creative markets and Green projects when the pandemic happened. As everyone, we had obviously to deal with cancellation of order from few major clients.

As the business slowly start its way back to normal, Now team of two, we seek complementary fellows to work with us to accelerate these new opportunities of changes and develop the businesses as we plan a future high profitability.

Who are we looking for?

We need people sincerely ready to invest themselves in a team for exciting collective projects. You are motivated, experienced, autonomous, comfortable to work remotely and with a real team and entrepreneurship spirit. No need to invest cash (but it’s welcome), but you are ready to work to succeed, you are the one!

Your background is in these fields, we need you:

  • Business development
  • Marketing, digital marketing
  • Brand management
  • Sales, retail network building
  • Agents, Representatives

We don’t care about age and gender, it is first a matter of competences, motivation and personal “alchemy”, we seek people sharing enthusiasm, common values and visions.
You’re fluent in English, (French is a must) and of course your native language, we will be glad to hear about you. Send us your application and motivations:

Motivated to apply? Great!

So, please read below before, just to be sure you are aware:

  • You are motivated to experience entrepreneurship and ready to take on the hardship and uncertainty of start-up.
  • You like the business, enjoy to work to serve the real world
  • We can’t afford to payout salary for now, but motivating commissions on sales to start.
  • Lot of products and services are ready to sell and few already sale.
  • We are looking for motivated co-founders, not employees
  • Part-time possible as long as you can invest enough time to make the things happen.
  • Preferably staying around Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Montreal, Canada; but very open to other country partners.
  • No specific degree required but proven experience.
  • No monetary investment required (but appreciated if possible)
  • If you have personal cash-flow issue and are looking for short-term cash solution, better not to apply as we are looking for long-term partners.


Creativ’ International is legally incorporated in Vietnam and in Canada. We supply B2B services and rares products for creative industries Event, Entertainment, Hospitality, Architecture, exhibitions, etc. Our targeted markets are mainly, but not limited too, S-E Asia and Vietnam, Canada-US,

Our actual activities are:
– Products & services for creative industries:
– Inflatable Mobile Venues & Products:
– Tension Tents and Cover:

We are in process to set-up:
– Training – Coaching in Event Production and techniques of sales
– YUGO, the eco-friendly smart cup:
– Green Event Certification, Services & Products:
– online Business directory and reputation builder:

Thierry TOMBELLEFounder - Creative Guide
More than 30+ spend in the creative industry makes of him a long time experienced entrepreneur. After developping other’s conpanies he is founder of 3 start-ups. He is Establish in Vietnam since 10 years.
Lana LY
Lana LYPartner - Admin Support
Partner in Vietnam structure. Her background is in Interior design, Luxury furniture sales and graphic design. She actually supports for everything with Vietnamese administration and business.