Some months without blogging! Time to be back online since we have a some great news to share. The pandemic time has finally be profitable to make a wide and deep review of our business line. Today, we begin a new year and this is an ideal moment to be positive. We start 2021 with brand new partners joining us, amazing great concepts, products and experts services rare and unique as always.


DOMEO the specialist in mobility and innovative temporary spaces. Geodomes, converted containers, Inflatable tents and halls, mobile showroom, popup store, Glamping, etc.
CreativInternational and Domeo develop experiential and all inclusive turn key projects based on our long experience in design and project management for events, activation exhibition and more, in complex logistic environment.

LYNKX.ME bring smart technologies to connect people. Controlling LED wearables and developping RFID applications based on fun and experience to connect and engage audience to the brands and sponsors. For now, mainly involved in entertainment industry, LYNKX.ME prepared new experiential and visual innovation for coporate event, live marketing, trade shows. It’s also exclusive addressable LED products and Pixel Mapping.

Airspace System develop a wide range of products based on design and style. Tireless innovator to propose innovative solutions base on air-technologies, Airspace designers are experienced in the concerned fields and know how adapt each product to its situation of use.

Still understimated, the inflatable technologies are wonderfull solutions to many needs, very easy to setup, super fast to install, ultra compact to store and transport, high standard of safety, amazingly cost effective,etc. Airsapce System bring Air to many industries as event, entertainment, hospitality, warehousing, amusement parks, advertisment and more.

Airspace system inflatable domes for events activation roadshows

Stage Pro Center is our virtual showroom dedicated to Sepcialized equipment and products from reknown top Brands. No matter you are in event industry, architect, booth designer or in hospitality you will find here exclusive solutions for your projects. Airsapce System Inflatable, Stagemaker controlled Hoists, Brown Innovation’s directional sound systems, Modern Event Furniture, Kinetics lights and Pixel Mapping products just few of the experts brands we represent.


We have a passion for creativity and unique. Facing the challenge of finding the right solutions and suppliers to match our requirements , we have finally decided to share our own source of “unique” to all those searching for “Special”.

From more than 30 years in creative industries, we have experienced many type of creative projects, faced many different situations, and developped the best netowrk specialists of unique. Multi-competencies, we gather all these experiences with products, services and network to magine the most creative and bring realistic concepts to our clients.

Luxury Event Furniture, Exhibith Booth system, Aquatic and Laser Show, Tension Fabric, Lighting Design, Tenting, Mapping, Project management, Multimedia, Designers, Show producer, Architects, etc. Whatever the need, we probably have a remarkable solution!

When required, we provide services of project management, coaching, training and operations, Just ask us…

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