Happy New Year…

For our first edtion of the year:
Time to wish you the best for this new year.
May the new coming year bring to all of us more peace and harmony in this world. It is in our hand and our duty to make the world change for the best.

So, in that issue, you can read:
– Few words about our great TenTsion products
– From Airspace: The unique Mobile Club Lounge
– A remind of our end year Hot Sales
– As always, great Businesses opportunities

The Design Solutions for Terrace Covers & Tents

Particularly dedicated to Architects, Designers, Hospitality, TenTsion offer  great stylish solutions to cover and protect any outdoor area as terraces, rooftops, marinas, etc.

From stretch covers to Tensile Membrane, from temporary to permanent installation, we work closely with clients to suggest the  most accurate stylish solution. www.tentsion.com

Tension Fabric as indoor decor solution

Beside the outdoor uses of of strechable materials, we also design great concepts using indoor stretch fabric.

Since 20 years we have develop a know-how to open new creativ possibilities with very affordable prices.

Ask us about Tension Fabrics and be amazed. www.tentsion.com

A Shell S6 for End Year Cocktail of CCI France Vietnam

A 6m. wide Airspace Shell S6 on the CCI FV’s terrace, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam.
A great decorative rain protection for the musicians and contribution to a warmful ambiance for this friendly Happy Hours to celebrate CCI FV accomplishments of the year and present the brand new CSR guide.  (…)

Highilight: the Mobile Club Lounge

This exclusive concept  of the most amazing way to connect connect with your customers. This unique CLub Lounge is completely mobile and adaptable to any type of event and location as VIP, Club, Beach Club, and more… Discover the great never seen options you can add to it Everything is possible…  (…)

Mobile Events Spaces

Airspace System offer new spectacular Mobile Spaces. For any kind of event as party, Galas, Conferences, Showrooms, etc. Our Mobiles Spaces are the more good looking and the fatest setup system of event rooms.

What Benefits to use “Inflatables” ?

Air products are not a “miracle”, but for a system presenting so many advantages we may wonder.
Beside the incredible designs we offer, it is also simplicity of use,  structures free, utra-compact package, easy storage, safety and amazingly creative…

Up to 50% discounts on selected stock

End year sale! New equipment and recent second hand.
We renew our stock to welcome new products.

List of discounted product available here.

Agents & Dealers wanted

You look for complementary incomes or you are already well established in business, we offer great plans for a collaborations adapted to your situation and wishes.

A great business opportunity to join our professional network.
Contact Thierry tt@creativ-intl.com