In these particularly difficult period and above all uncertain times, we do not give up and remain fully operational.
The team use to work remotely, all our suppliers and partners are operational even if we may have to undergo some delays due to possible reduce staff sometimes or for shipments which may have constraints of receipts according to the countries. Of course, we will study the requests on a case-by-case basis.

Like all, we suffer loss of contracts, cancellations and postponements of projects. However, we remain combative and try to make the best of the situation. That is why, we continue to work actively on:

  • New products in approach,
  • In preparation some online training courses and specialized workshops.
  • Development of “Green-Events” products and services
  • And more…

It is time for all of us to remain mobilized and make this unpredictable situation an asset in our development!
It’s time to do what we don’t have time to do in our daily rushes
It’s time
to make our employees more competent and our companies more efficient.

Let’s learn more about our services, get train on our products, prepare for the recovery.
We are more than ever ready to support you in your future projects, and to help to be ready when business will start again

The Creativ’ Intl team.