We are honored to be official exclusive Distributor of the world class Stagemaker Entertainment/staging hoists ain Vietnam. Stagemaker hoists get the benefit of 40 years of lifting experience and technology engineering developed and manufacture in France by Verlinde, a 150 years leading company in industrial lifting.

Stagemaker hoists are the most innovative, durable, strong and safe actually on the market and used all around the world by renowned clients: Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony: 500 units; Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre: 450 units, Cirque du Soleil, Envy Club Saigon, etc.

The great specifications and control capacities of the SR series:
– from the very compact SR10-250kg to the toughest SR25-5000kg.
– 4, 8, 16m/mn, single speed or variable speed
– 1 phase or 3 phases
– 1 or double break
– Aluminum body
– Control: direct (A) or low voltage (B)
– Black Chain
– Climbing or Industrial lifting: just reverse the chain bag
– and much more…

– Eco series to rackmount 19″: 4 and 8 channels
– Portable suitcase: 4 and 8 channels
– Rigger Rack or Theater Rack 19″: 4, 8, 12 channels
– Cable or Radio system Remote
– and lot of options…

To discover the STAGEMAKER SR series:
– Stagemaker website: www.stagemaker.com
– In vietnam & ASEAN: www.stageprocenter.com
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