22 03, 2021

How to Get the Best of a Roadshow tour and event

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A roadshow is a promotional tour with, for example, shows, animations and / or products  demonstration. A commercial roadshow is used by a Brand or company for a product launch or to get closer to targeted consumers. The roadshow, because it is a "field" operation, is a must to generate a real engagement by [...]

14 05, 2020

CRISTAL SPHERE, Creative idea for Social Distancing

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Make it a real experience We have no choice to deal with after lock-down and new sanitary regulations. The challenge now is to imagine new solutions to keep people, clients, guests safe and sure but make it creative, fun and why not experiential. Inflatable can be a very creative uses to help the [...]

4 05, 2020

Drive In Rebirth, the Right Time?

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DRIVE-IN MIGHT BE AN ENTERTAINMENT SOLUTION With the actual situation due the world pandemic, Entertainment industries are suffering big losses of the lock-down. As some countries and cities begin to release their citizens, we can see the rebirth of this old style entertainment. For Event Producers, Audio-Visual Companies, Hospitality, Brands, Movie industries it [...]

20 03, 2020

Inflatable tents from Airspace System to support COVID-19 crisis

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How to help in the global Crisis: The actual COVID-19 Crisis generate a lot of dramatic situation for all. Facing this situation is a daily challenge for authorities and individuals as well, but also for both big and and small corporations. Facing the high demand of safety and protection equipment is for [...]

6 03, 2020

Ligeo Lighting deco system

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UNIQUE, CREATIVE, RESUABLE There have always been two sides to the lighting industry, decorative and commercial lighting. Unfortunately, there’s very little in between. The decorative lighting is designed for homes, bars or other similar situations. These lights create atmosphere and set accents but often produce low quality light. In the work place or industrial [...]

2 11, 2018

New 2019 Catalogs Available


THE 2019 New Brochures: Dedicated to creative industries, we provide the most unique products and services for Event/Entertainment, Hospitality, Architecture, Exhibition. Discover our most creative and innovatives partners selected from our local and international network. Take a look, get your industry brochures. TO THE CATALOGS [...]

10 07, 2018

Discover our new elegant Airspace Inflatable Sofa Line

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Amazing! Yes... They are inflatables! The classsy Airspace Sofas Collection... Easy to install, to carry, to store. For Resorts, Hotels, Roof Top, Events, Exhitions... To Rent or to Buy (shipping worldwide) Info@airspacerental.com Looking for distributors, resellers, agents. tt@creativ-intl.com

27 06, 2018

Stagemaker Hoists in Vietnam With Creativ’ International

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We are honored to be official exclusive Distributor of the world class Stagemaker Entertainment/staging hoists ain Vietnam. Stagemaker hoists get the benefit of 40 years of lifting experience and technology engineering developed and manufacture in France by Verlinde, a 150 years leading company in industrial lifting. Stagemaker hoists are the most innovative, durable, strong and [...]

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