Desinfection Tunnel
Desinfection Tunnel

How to help in the global Crisis:

The actual COVID-19 Crisis generate a lot of dramatic situation for all. Facing this situation is a daily challenge for authorities and individuals as well, but also for both big and and small corporations. Facing the high demand of safety and protection equipment is for all vendors a high pressure on supplies.

Medical tent

Up to 30% Discount to support the lowest budgets:

While some make of this disaster an opportunity to make more money, we believe than is our duty to do our part in helping the community and offer support to others as much as we can with what we have.
New needs may appear soon as temporary containment spaces, additional storage, complementary warehouses, weather protections, , etc. Therefore we have decided to discount up to 30%++ on all the Airspace’s inflatable tents, shelters and Airspace products which can be used to help. This include:

  • Public authorities,
  • Hospitals, clinics, Retirements home,
  • Schools, universities,
  • Corporations, companies, small or big, retail stores,
  • Indoor, Outdoor,
  • etc.
Desinfection Tent

What about the delivery?

Our manufacturing being located in Asia is now fully operational and can serve any demand. According the final order, our lead time is average around 12 to 15 days.

The shipping is also working as the good are not restricted, and the delivery time will obviously depends of each destination. The leading time will be specify case by case before order.

Special needs, share your idea:

You may have suggestions of use for Airspace inflatable products which can support someone, we will be super happy to work in make it! Of course we will work at the best budget possible to make it real.


We hope we can help.
Let us know about your needs.