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Lot of useful content and ideas for our december edtion.
– Mobile Events Spaces
– Sugesstion of use: The mobile Showroom
– Hot Sales from our stock
– A cover TenTsion on the top of Caravelle Hotel
– Business opportunities, Agetns and Dealers wanted
– About Creativ’ International

But fisrt, let us wish you the best for the coming Christmas Time and end year celebrations.

What Benefits to use “Inflatables” ?

Air products are not a “miracle”, but for a system presenting so many advantages we may wonder.
Beside the incredible designs we offer, it is also simplicity of use,  structures free, utra-compact package, easy storage, safety and amazingly creative… www.airspacesystem.com

Highilight: the Mobile Showrooms

It is now time to really connect with your customers. Instead of trying to make them come to you,  you can now go to them in the most attractive way
Airsapce Mobile Showrooms are fast and easy to setup anywhere indoor and outdoor. Need a custom design? Everything is possible… (See more)

Mobile Events Spaces

Airspace System offer new spectacular Mobile Spaces. For any kind of event as parties, Galas, Conferences, Showrooms, etc. Our Mobiles Spaces are the more good looking and the fatest setup system of event rooms… (See more)

Up to 50% discounts on selected stock

End year sale! New equipment and recent second hand.
We renew our stock to welcome new products.

List of discounted product ask to Thierry tt@creativ-intl.com

Agents & Dealers wanted

You look for complementary incomes or you are already well established in business, we offer great plans for a collaborations adapted to your situation and wishes.

A great business opportunity to join our professional network.
Contact Thierry tt@creativ-intl.com

TenTsion now at Caravelle Hotel in Saigon

As a part of the main renovation plan of the 5 Stars Caravelle Hotel In Ho CHi Minh City (Vietnam), the board have selected TenTsion Stretch Covers to protect the new event rooftop on the 26th floor. Several challenges in that project, and more specificaly to design a semi-temporary system easy to setup and dismantle for not specialized staff. More images to come soon… www.tentsion.com