18 08, 2020

Training as factor of success For Event Industry

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How is training essential to keep competitive Attending professional conferences, seminars, and workshops have positive impacts on business professionals. They open doors to new opportunities, build new skills, improve productivity, create professional relationships, and the incentive to pursue more challenging roles. Building new skills: Learning about new and more effective ways to accomplish tasks and [...]

30 07, 2020

Hospitality: How Experiential Can Boost Your Sales

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The necessity to offer unique Experiences to customers Back on past newsletter, few words about solutions for hospitality industry. Because in addition to COVID19 Pandemic, one of the major challenge of Hospitality is the very strong competition with mass tourism currently at a standstill beyond and how to start up again. The closing [...]

10 07, 2020

How Design can create WOW effect for your events?


Why Design is essential for successful events Special events exist through emotions and experiences for senses. The more you talk to emotions and five senses, the more the event is memorable and successful. People participate to events because they expect to be transported out of their daily life and to live a unique moment, [...]

23 06, 2020

Strategic Parternship with HTS the expert in high-end Hospitality Management

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Hospitality Team Services and Creativ' International together We are enthusiastic to  announce a major strategic partnership which open up new and exciting possibilities for developing our services together for the benefit of our customers. Therefore, it is with pride that we welcome the opportunity to join the HTS team and their impressive references [...]

3 12, 2018

Newsletter – Dec. 2018

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Highlight Airspace Event Spaces... Lot of useful content and ideas for our december edtion. - Mobile Events Spaces - Sugesstion of use: The mobile Showroom - Hot Sales from our stock - A cover TenTsion on the top of Caravelle Hotel - Business opportunities, Agetns and Dealers wanted - About Creativ' International But fisrt, [...]

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