How is training essential to keep competitive

Attending professional conferences, seminars, and workshops have positive impacts on business professionals. They open doors to new opportunities, build new skills, improve productivity, create professional relationships, and the incentive to pursue more challenging roles.

  • Building new skills: Learning about new and more effective ways to accomplish tasks and improve knowledge about business concepts are all benefits of attending professional workshops.
  • Networking: Relationships with speakers, coaches, and specialists, potential partners can help you to gain not only theory but be more aware about real-life challenges sharing with field experienced Trainers.

Moreover, Training brings to everyone more self-confidence necessary to handle projects and missions from inception to delivery thanks to a better understanding of all the stages and aspects of the event planning process and management and so, this eliminate the stress of holding responsibilities.

Why do successful companies train their staff?

Training improves, enhances & maintains employees’ work efficiency. Employees value building new skills, improving productivity, and being able to take on more challenging roles. Providing ongoing support and training opportunities demonstrates the company’s commitment to employee growth. Employees feel their value has increased a lot in a company/business that values training & coaching.

Overall, employee development/improvement has always been driven by a company’s needs and must be an ongoing cycle. The introduction of learning opportunities through a professional and advanced environment will maximize all training programs’ value.

How does training increase value and profits?

Improved work performance An employee who receives the right training shows higher productivity and higher work quality than an untrained employee. Training helps them to develop employee skills in performing specific tasks. This increases both the quantity and quality of output.

Increase the competitiveness of businesses

Training can be beneficial in equipping employees with the skills needed to gain new techniques. This is what helps your organization to keep up with competitors in the same industry. Or, if you are the first to introduce those new processes, the training will bring a significant advantage to your company.

Improve employee’s working ethic.

Most employees want their career to grow, and training plays a vital role in bringing them the success they aspired for. Effective training can help improve an employee’s gifted skills and raise awareness of their weak skills. “Multi-skilled” employees can perform many different tasks and transition more easily to different roles in the organization.

Training employees and giving them career growth opportunities is one primary way to show them that their company is invested in their future. It will motivate them to keep working arduously and be better at their jobs. These opportunities are beneficial since these training opportunities help grow the company while at the same time, they further employee knowledge and skills.

Improve organizational stability

Organizing employee training courses is an effective way to help your business not be “paused” when there are changes in personnel or changes in production and business environment. The most recent example would be COVID-19. Achieving solid skills will help employees and the business be more flexible and adapt to sudden changes like a global pandemic.

68% of employees say training and development is the company’s most important policy. That’s according to ClearCompany. More and more employees want to continue strengthening the ones they already have and gaining new ones—companies who nurture that growth gain a competitive advantage. Rapt Media says more than $500 billion is lost every year due to employee disengagement. Disengaged employees don’t work as hard as those who are committed to your company.

Engaging and investing with employees through training helps increase their engagement and lowers the potential risks for losing money.

What about Training in Vietnam and rising economies?

As example, currently In Vietnam the needs of training don’t come from the obvious necessity to improve skills, knowledge or qualifications, but from the wish to raise salaries and get promoted. Also, in the process of organizing training courses, objective methods to assess training needs are rarely used. Most of the training are determined from the subjective assessments of the HR department. Furthermore, skilled Trainers/coaches/speakers with real in-the-field experiences are rarely invited. The current standard training methods is not an effective solution to the problems of business and enterprises, but these type of classes format is still proposed by a large number of companies offering training to their employees.

Challenges in Vietnam and emerging countries for the Event industry

Vietnam TrainingToo many businesses and organizations still don’t pay enough attention to training programs, believing than their experience is enough for their staff. In fact, there is shown that enterprises with no interest in investing in high-quality human resources training present weak competitiveness. They seem not understanding and measure the importance of implementing real training strategies and plans is a key factor of success or even simply of survival in a highly competitive market.

When some CEO, Managers, directors are aware of the importance of training in enterprises, they face difficulties in operating and organizing it. But it is also fair to admit that they rise their own limitations:

  • Being willing to hunt and invest for a coach/trainer, they stop themselves facing the difficulty to find skilled trainers. we have to admit that most of the actual speakers offer just a short and local experience far to be enough to bring real skills to experienced staff. So, assigning staff to manage training resources ensure to keep up to
    date the right contacts with the skilled Trainers and follow the
    progression of the programs.
  • Schedule a time for regular training is not a priority: but having a very skilled team is the first key to success. Then, training is obviously an essential investment to integrate with the employee’s schedule.

A competent and skilled Trainer/Coach builds training strategies and programs after evaluating skills and needs. Then he/she set up and implement creative training methods according to the real specialization needs of the client companies.

Online Training as a complementary solution

Online TrainingIf face-to-face training workshops are always more dynamic and interactive, the technology offers new creative opportunities for employees to quickly arrange a time to participate in online courses, anywhere, and anytime from few hours to few months part-time, depending on the objectives. Professional corporate Training can then have different formats from basic online courses to custom courses in specific fields or situations designed to meet the particular and unique needs.

Therefore, online Training is an opportunity for Vietnamese and emerging businesses to quickly, conveniently, and economically gain access to advanced knowledge and specialized skills.

Let us know your Feedback about Training

Training SurveyThe Events and Entertainment Professionals Industry face a lack of Data and statistic to anticipate and adapt the business to the new after COVID reality.

As event specialists based in Asia (HCMC) and serving professionals for long, we conduct short research. We will greatly appreciate if you can take 2 or 3 minutes to answer to these few quick questions and share your views.

Thank you for your participation and your feedback, we will keep you updated with the results.

The Creativ’ International Team.

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