Hospitality: the need to offer real Experiences to customers.

In addition to social distancing, one of the major concerns of Hospitaltity is the very strong competition with mass tourism currently at a standstill beyond. The closing of the borders of many countries as well as the possible quarantine of their nationals if they travel abroad, force the local and national tourism. In addition, the hospitality industry have to face an increased competition as the market reduce.
So how do you attract customers to your establishment rather than to your competitors?
In fact, the answers have been known for a long time, but it is more than ever
urgent to implement them. Improved Staffs skills, living experiences for customers, here are some solutions:

Make teams more efficient through trainings:

To develop employees’ skills, we have created adapted training programs and workshops adapted for the Staffs involved in event business and activities (MICE, Parties, conferences, etc.). Our workshops are especially designed on specific questions and needs. They cover all the basics, from of sales techniques to processes of production, from event planning to understand event technologies and entertainment technical.

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Dare to develop strong concepts:

Experiential is in very high demand by customers who seeks more and more to live something unique. In addition, in the era of social medias, it is also the warranty of free advertising by your customers themselves. Don’t think that this is only for a few establishments already in this niche, with a bit of imagination and for a minimum investment, it is always possible to offer a great and unique experience to your your guests.

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How to find ideas?

Our long experience in events industry and our entertainment great network gives you access to innovative concepts, surprising themes, creative and unusual products perfect for attracting customers.
It is offer to all to be able to propose themes and experiences adapted to each situation. It is our job to analyze and propose winning concepts.

Be responsible and “Green”:

Finally, and last but not least, Responsibility and respect the environment.
It is more essential than ever to take our social responsibility and do our part. First, because it is a great collective project fro Teams, but also, it is also a matter of brand image for each establishments.
Market studies have shown that being “Green” is already essential criteria to clients in their choice of destinations. Facing the drastic drop in business trips and international seminars, we are actively working to set up a Reference Label, a Certification and purchasing source for professionals green products.

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